Proudly Represents is an independent, vibrant and award winning PR agency. We won two European Excellence Awards in 2012 for Domino's Pizza Safe Sound's corporate viral video campaign. The campaign was executed in close cooperation with Indie Amsterdam (creative) and Mediatic (offline PR). 

Awesome in simplicity

Why was the campaign so awesome in its simplicity? If you contact us we will be more than happy to explain the success of the campaign in detail over coffee. Otherwise you can read our press release (unfortunately only available in Dutch), check out our social media release used in the campaign or check out the video's below for more details.

Domino's Pizza Safe Sound video

Viral video with almost 2.3 million views on YouTube:

Domino's Pizza Safe Sound Case Study

Thanks Indie Amsterdam for the roundup:

Check out how much fun we had during the award ceremony

Of course, we shot live footage on stage ;-)