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"All technology startups want to disrupt their industry. But you can disrupt all you want, if the media do not understand why your are disruptive, how can your customers, stakeholders, and investors? We believe in creating easy to understand and concise messages to help your startup stand out and thrive." Remco Janssen - founder.

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“Wow, Proudly Represents truly nailed our pr campaign!”

— rutger beumer,unicornify labs / qwiksense


We truly believe all startups & scale-ups have an interesting story to tell. Besides the interesting story, most of our clients enhance the quality of life of thousands of people, and may even change the world. After all, we work on the verge of ground-breaking technology. However, the message of these companies is often not heard due to an over-competitive market, or because the story is just simply misunderstood by the media or its consumers.

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Our Mission

Proudly Represents. What’s in a name, you may wonder. To us, our brand is our motto. Besides the hidden in plain sight abbreviation of PR in our name as a subliminal message (find all three if you can), our name reflects why we work the way we work. We represent our clients with pride. We believe in them. We create relationships with them and for them. We help you grow. That’s what true PR is about!