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public relations

Whether it’s the launch of your company, the announcement of news products or services, a big client win or that massive funding ground: we’ll make sure you’re well represented in the Dutch and European tech press. Check out our clients here.

event marketing & PR

As a true leader in your field, you want to be speaking regularly on relevant conferences and events for your market. Or, let us design a great partner or networking event for you and your clients or prospects. Reach out to learn how that works.

thought leadership

Let’s make it rain! We’ll ensure you are covered by the press on a regular basis. Whether it’s in the form of a byline, a guest contribution, ghost-written blog, or an opinion piece. Ask for our previous work and schedule a call to discuss.

communications strategy

Communicating to the press and public without a proper strategy: that’s never a good idea. Let us design a winning strategy for you that wins the hearts and minds of your clients, investors, and consumers. Please book a call to find out how we work.