This is the perfect PR pitch according to @pogue from @nytimes: cross dressing rules!

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"..sometimes the pitches are so wonderful, so delightful, you can’t resist. Here are this year’s winners of the Pogue Perfect Pitch award—pitches so clever, so persuasive, I’m going to wind up reviewing both of the products they’re pitching.

First, a YouTube video made by the employees of a company called CodeWeavers. They have a new program called CrossOver Impersonator that lets you run certain Windows programs on a Mac—without having to own a copy of Windows.

In the video, they address me directly, claim to be big fans. And in keeping with the product name, they’re dressed as, well, crossover impersonators—of Cher and Dorothy (from “The Wizard of Oz”). In the background, employees are posing and interacting with a wall of life-size famous-people cutouts—with my face pasted over each one’s face. You have to see it. It’s hilarious:

(The company also made nearly identical videos for Walt Mossberg of The Wall Street Journal and three other writers. I figured that they probably recycled the body of the pitch, customizing only the opening lines—“Hello, David Pogue!” “Hello, Walt Mossberg!”—to save effort. The camera cuts away to the company founder, dressed as Dorothy, after the greeting, which would be a good place to hide the splice.

But then I realized—wait a minute! During the body of the pitch, employees are posing with the cutouts in the background—which depict my face during my pitch, Walt’s face during Walt’s pitch, and so on. They actually made the whole video over and over again for each writer!)"