15 Tips: How To Watch Trends #trendwatching /via @springwise


Let's face it, the only thing that separates you—passionate CEO, marketer, entrepreneur—from being in the know, is the time that must be devoted to tracking and applying trend content. And yet, when we ask professionals if and how they spot and apply trends, we're told they're still having a hard time getting a handle on the basics.

So here are 15 trend watching tips, some practical, some more contextual, for you to run with today:

  1. Know why you're tracking trends
  2. Don’t get your trends mixed up
  3. Know a fad when you see (or smell) one
  4. Don’t apply all trends to all people
  5. Be (very) curious
  6. Have a Point of View
  7. Benefit from an unprecedented abundance of resources
  8. Name your trends
  9. Build your Trend Framework
  10. Start a Trend Group (even if it’s just you)
  11. Secure senior backing or be doomed
  12. Don't worry about timing or life cycles or regional suitability or...
  13. Apply, apply, apply
  14. Have some fun
  15. Let others do some of the work for you in 2011

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