Social Media Training On the Rise /by @tdefren #prsquared

Social Media Training On the Rise

IStock_000008765217XSmallHas Corporate America finally woken up to the fact that Social Media is not going away?  Yes.  That Social Media could affect both their reputations and fortunes? Yes, they’ve realized that, too.

And now I think they are waking up to the fact that they might be able to harness Social Media for reasons above & beyond “marketing.”

In recent weeks SHIFT Communications has been on the receiving end of several RFPs for Social Media Training. They are not asking us to handle Influencer Engagement.  They are not asking us to manage their Facebook communities.  They are not asking for us to develop mobile apps.

They just want us to teach them about Social Media. More often than not, they want us to teach a few handfuls of internal employees to “do what SHIFT does” when it comes to blog monitoring, commenting, and writing; Facebook engagement and posting; how-to set up a YouTube channel; how-to use Sysomos or Radian6, etc.

After that mission is accomplished, we’ll be cordially asked to leave them to their tweeting, thank-you-very-much.

NOTE REMCO: Well, basically the same here in the Netherlands. I've got two gigs mid-september booked already, next to the usual PR stuff for clients, and business after the holiday season is now slowly picking up so I expect more 'pls can U tll US ASAP more bout them social media's sir?' in the next couple of weeks.

I usually recommend not to do just an one-time-only inhouse training, but to have someone permantely watch over the actions necessary to implement a successfull social media strategy.

Could be the hiring of a social media manager (or an internal communnity manager). I predict we will see the first full time social media managers in bigger Dutch companies end of this year.

Probably because someone like me told them to...
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