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50 Tips Granny Never Told You about Twitter & Social Media Etiquette

50 Social Media Tips Granny Never Told YouIf only I knew then what I know now.  What would I do different?  How would I be living my life?

What if what you knew now  you knew the same day you started social media? Would you approach it any different?

There are many things the generations before us could offer.  In reality social media is no different than the social circles that existed in the 20′s, 50′s, 70′s and even 80 ‘s.  Yes, the same rules apply.  Just executed on a different platform and at a higher volume.

We ran into Great Granny Walton.  She validated our thoughts and shares some words of advice below.

50 Tips Granny Never Told You About Twitter & Social Media Etiquette

  1. Just because someone follows ya’ does NOT mean they are your true friend.
  2. Twitter, tweets, twits…. it’s really all the same but only the newbies use the word twit.   Don’t call anyone a twit.
  3. Be a friend to get a friend.
  4. Share. Don’t hoard yer stuff.  Share even with yer competitors. Ya’ need good people on yer team.
  5. Don’t keep all yer good content to yourself.  Content is to social media like honey is to cornbread.
  6. Automated direct messages (DMs) are not cool.  You will lose friends.
  7. When ya’ sign up fer Twitter and start receiving what you think are Twits just for you… don’t get too excited.  They’re not.  You followed them.   They’re just sending them to the twittersphere for anyone who will read and listen.  Remember you followed them only because Twitter told ya’ to when you signed up!
  8. Do NOT waste those social media consultants time and money meetin’ for a free lunch to milk their brain.  It’s darn right rude if ya’ have no money and/or no plans to ever use their service.
  9. If ya’ got a bad gut feeling about a url and their avatar looks like yer wild Aunt Lucy.. DO NOT CLICK! Chances are you’ll end up with a crazy virus like yer Aunt Henrietta!
  10. It’s better to give than to receive
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I know I have met some people who love doing a no. 8. #bastards.

@jwalphenaar hates no. 6, it just think it's a waisted opportunity to really connect with someone!

Ow yer can follow me on the twits too, y'all: @remcojanssen (but ya know that didn't ya?)