This what they call an 'about page': hence, it's about >> Proudly Represents - an independent, vibrant and award-winning PR agency for startups

The Founder

Remco Janssen is a sport journalist turned self-educated PR consultant & startup godfather. He is the founder of Proudly Represents and his PR experience stems from working with over 50 startups & scale-ups from the Netherlands, Belgium, US, Austria, Denmark, and Israel.

The Team

Proudly Represents is a so-called hybrid agency that assigns projects to the experts who are best suited to get the job done. This means we lower overhead and ensure clients have the best quality of work for a decent price. We've recently teamed up with our Associate, Aaron Mirck, as a PR expert for startups.

The Name

Proudly Represents. What's in a name, you may wonder. To us, our name is our motto. Besides the hidden presence of the abbreviation PR in our name in plain sight as a subliminal message (find all three if you can), our name also reflects why we work the way we work. We represent our client with pride. It also reminds of the phrase used in press releases: 'We proudly present our shiny new #whatever....' 

The Website

The website is built with the help of the technology of this amazing startup called Squarespace (check them out, they're worth a click).  Currently we're running public bèta 1.0 so it may contain spelling errors, dead links or other majorly annoying problems you can encounter on a site.If something is not working, keep calm and shoot us an email.